Application Material Upload Form for Educators

This form is for use by educators - high school and college counselors, registrars, teachers, and staff - to submit documents to the Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions on behalf of active applicants. Applicants should not use this form. 

For applicants who submitted the Common Application or Coalition Application, we recommend using the respective application's online portal, Naviance, SCOIR, or Parchment to submit official documents, rather than this form. The Yale Admissions Office also uses, a free platform for counselors to view students’ application checklists and upload application documents directly to a student's admissions file.

Yale Admissions Office staff will review form submissions before indexing uploaded materials to an applicant's file. Processing may take several business days. Yale staff may contact educators to authenticate submissions or to request additional information. Submission of inauthentic or forged documents may result in the denial of a student's application or the withdrawal of an offer of admission.

Applicants who wish to submit personal updates should use the appropriate form on their Yale Admissions Status Portal. Educators may also submit materials by fax: 203-436-9775, or by postal mail: PO Box 208234 New Haven CT 06520. To avoid duplication, please do not submit the same material multiple times.

To expedite processing and avoid indexing errors, please include the applicant's Yale Application Record ID if possible. This 9-digit number is included in an applicant's confirmation email and displays on an applicant's Yale Admissions Status Portal.